A white boat is going down the water

Ahoy there, Captain!  Boat Season Approaches! 

It is getting time to trade in the snowsuits and snowmobile fun for life jackets and saltwater spray ! 

Whether you’re a seasoned skipper navigating Long Island Sound in a nimble dinghy or a yachting aficionado commanding a vessel worthy of Jacques Coustea himself, we’ve got the coverage that keeps your nautical dreams afloat.

From Bathtubs to Bluewater Beasts: Ken O’Hara Agency Insures Vessels across CT

Forget one-size-fits-all policies, with us, your boat gets the customized care it deserves. From kayaks catching waves near Niantic to luxurious yachts cruising the Caribbean, we have plans as diverse as the seas themselves.  We’ve got you covered from rogue lobster traps to rogue waves, ensuring your precious vessel stays shipshape even when Poseidon gets grumpy.

More Than Just an Anchor in a Storm:

  • Local expertise that charts the course: We’re not landlubbers who think a sextant is a fancy spice grinder. We know the treacherous shoals of the Connecticut coast, the hidden harbors perfect for anchoring for a picnic, and the best lobster roll shacks to refuel after a day on the water.
  • Claims that move faster than a dolphin on Red Bull: Accidents happen, even to the most skilled captains. But fret not, our claims process is smoother than a glass-calm bay at sunrise. We’ll get you back on the water in no time, so you can keep chasing that salty-haired horizon.
  • Peace of mind for every passenger: Whether you’re cruising with family, friends, or a crew of salty dogs, knowing you’re covered brings a wave of serenity to every voyage. Our insurance lets you focus on the joy of the open sea, not the what-ifs lurking below the surface.

Sailing Savvy: Tips from the Old Salts:

Before you hoist the sails and unleash your inner pirate (metaphorically speaking, of course), heed these pearls of wisdom from the seafaring veterans:

  • Respect the water: It’s not a swimming pool, it’s a powerful force of nature. Always wear a life jacket, check the weather before setting sail, and remember, the ocean will always win a tug-of-war.
  • Know your boat: Don’t try to captain a yacht if you can barely navigate a bathtub. Learn your vessel’s quirks, understand its limitations, and always operate within your comfort zone.
  • Safety first, fun always: Don’t let adrenaline cloud your judgment. Be responsible, avoid risky maneuvers, and remember, a happy crew is a safe crew.
  • Leave no trace (except epic memories): Respect the fragile beauty of the marine environment. Don’t pollute, conserve resources, and remember, you’re a guest in this vast blue kingdom.

So, raise the anchor, unfurl the sails, and let Ken O’Hara Agency be your faithful first mate on every nautical adventure. With us by your side, the only storms you’ll encounter will be the ones brewing in your cocktail shaker. Fair winds and following seas, captain!